LifeSpan 200 Program

Ansicht-Scidel launched its Life 200 program in year 2011. This is an ambitious project to increase the life span of humans to 200. Our mission is to develop and provide products for the global human population to achieve an ambitious goal of expansion of the human life to a span of 200 years, one day. The program consists of 5 pillars
  • Appearance
  • Stamina
  • Disease
  • Mental
  • Peaceful

Peaceful Coexistence

We must prolong our lifespan while maintaining an open and positive attitude towards other fellow human beings, animals and plants on this Earth. This set of products is about providing recyclable products and renewable energy products.

  • Organic Food
  • Organic Medicine
  • Vegan Diet and Vegan options: vonEden Vegan Jelly